The most authentic German Deli in town!

The Deli

The deli has the famous meat deli that use the original German recipes,  made from prime quality meat and all natural spices. Few samples: German bread, German sausages and salami, smoked bacon, beef jerky, German chocolate and treats, many European items like vegeta, pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut and European style cheese.

Tel (503) 254-4106

The restaurant

Serves delicious original German homemade recipes, at the prices lower than most fast food restaurants in the area. From German sausage plates, meat deli sandwiches of your choice, to the delicious homemade soups.
Your servers Becky and Hanna (speaks German) are knowledgeable, courteous and fast.

email: contact(at)

Video Presentation

If you do not have time to visit our store or read our website content in today's busy life, just watch our minute video. You will find out about our deli, the restaurant, the location, the people that work here and the people who come here often for many years and enjoy our deli and our food at our restaurant. Warning: you might become hungry after watching it.

Photo Galery

Take a virtual tour of our store. It is said the one image speaks more than a thousand words. We believe in that. If you want to see some of our products and services, have a look. We could not capture the mouth watering taste and delicious smell of the deli. They are indescribable.



"Old Country Sausage" ist ein deutsches Geschaeft, welches in der schoenen nordwestlichen Gegend, im Sueden Portlands (Oregon), angesiedelt ist. Der Standort des Geschaefts, an den Ufern des Columbia rivers, ist nahe dem Autobahnkreuz der Autoba.
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Old Country Sausage este un magazin cu profil nemțesc cu proprietari de origine română, Beni și Lidia. Este printre puținele magazine care au și produse și mâncare românească în zona Portland. Beni și Lidia sunt proprietarii magazinului.

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Thank you for stopping by. My name is Marius Heredea. People call me Beni. Have a look around our website, I hope you enjoy it and stop by our store as well. If you want to get in touch with us,  you can call us at (503) 254-4106 or send us a message on our Contact page.

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