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   Old Country Sausage is a German deli and restaurant place located in the beautiful North West, in South East Portland, Oregon, on the banks of Columbia River and at the intersection off highway 205 and 84, just miles away from Portland International Airport.
    The store was founded over 45 years ago by 1st generation German immigrant Franz Zoeller and it is owned today by Beni and Lidia.

The store has two sections:
The Deli
  Has the famous meat deli that use the original German recipes,  made from prime quality meat and all natural spices.
- the original German delicious bread
- the original German sausages and salami
- all kinds of smoked bacon
- beef jerky
- the famous German chocolate and treats
- many European items like vegeta, picked cucumbers, sauerkraut
- assorted European style cheese

The Restaurant
  Serves  delicious original German homemade recipes, at the prices lower than most fast food restaurants in the area.

Here are some samples of original German and European meat deli specialties:
Double smoked garlic dried sausage
Summer salami
Dried smoked garlic hot sausage
Course liverwurst
Ham hock
Westfalien ham
Canadian bacon
Corned beef
Black forest ham
Peppered ham
Smoked bratwurst
Oktoberfest sausage
Polish sausage
Hungarian sausage
Smoked garlic sausage
Hotbeir sausage
Smoke baby back ribs
Cooked and smoked bacon
Pork Bologna
Beef Bologna
Black pepper salami
Head cheese
Garlic head cheese
Peppered ham
Mustard seed salami
Black forest ham
Hungarian salami
Piquant salami
Mailender salami
Gypsy salami
Mild Molinari salami
Sheep salami
Fleischkase (meatloaf,  German style)
Beef jerky
Chicken sausage
All beef sausage
Tillamook sausage
Bavarian salami




New Website!

So happy to finally have our new website live. Please contact us with any requests or questions.

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